Reconciliation center: Syrian truce violated eight times

The cessation of hostilities regime has been observed in most Syrian provinces over the past 24 hours, eight violations have been registered in Damascus and Latakia provinces, the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties has in a news bulletin posted on the Russian Defense Ministry’s website on Friday.

Units of Jaysh al-Islam identifying itself as an opposition group shelled with mortars the populated localities of Jisrein, Nashabia, Arbil, Duma, Jobar and Haush-Duara in Damascus province.

In Latakia province, units of the Ahrar al-Sham armed group and the Free Syrian army shelled Kalaz-Tahtani populated locality and Syrian army positions near Mount Abu Ali.

Neither Russian Aerospace Forces nor Syrian Air Force conducted air strikes against the opposition groups that declared their intention to stop fighting and informed the Russian or US reconciliation centers about their exact locations, the Russian Reconciliation center said.

In the city of Aleppo units of the Jabhat Al-Nusra and Islamic State terrorist groups (banned in Russia) shelled with self-made multiple rocket launchers and mortars the Hai al-Ansari neighborhood, the areas close to the cement and gas plants, waste treatment facilities, the Castello shopping center and the humanitarian corridors near the el-Halek neighborhood.

In Damascus province, terrorists shelled the populated localities of Baharia, Haush-Harabu, Jobar, Haush-Nasri, Duma and Harasta and in Latakia province – Zuaiqat and Hamrat, the Russian reconciliation center said.


Source: TASS

Author: zeina

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