Russian citizen fined for sharing post rehabilitating Nazism on social network

The Perm Krai Court has sentenced a local resident to 200,000 rubles fine (around $3,000) for rehabilitating Nazism, RAPSI learned on Friday (July 1).

According to Russian media, in 2014 the resident of Perm shared an article on the social network. According to semantic expertise, the said article stated that in 1939 Soviet Union and Nazi Germany attacked Poland together. Historian experts concluded that such notion is false.

The court ruled that by sharing such article, a resident of Perm denied facts established by the Nuremburg Trials.

The Russian Criminal Code article on the exoneration of Nazism stipulates criminal punishment for those who publicly defy the facts established by the Nuremberg Trials for WWII criminals, and for disseminating false information about the Soviet Union’s activities during WWII, or openly disrespectful statements about Russia’s holidays related to the defense of the homeland, or information related to the defense of the homeland that openly defiles the national symbols of military glory.

Under the law adopted by the State Duma in 2014, the exoneration of Nazism is punishable by up to five years in prison. Penalties for defiling the days of military glory and other related commemorative dates include fines.

Source: RAPSI

Author: Augaritte

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