Putin says Cameron’s claim evidence of low political culture

Russia did not interfere, does not interfere and won’t interfere in the choice of the UK to leave the EU, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters, TASS news agency reported.

Britons held a referendum June 23 on whether the UK should to stay in the European Union, or leave it. The voting results indicate that the campaign to leave the EU, known as the Brexit, has won with 51.9 percent of the votes.

Earlier, speaking to business leaders June 21 in London, Cameron claimed that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Putin “would be happy” if the UK voted to leave the EU.

“It is worth asking the question, who would be happy if we left?” Cameron said. “Putin might be happy. I suspect al-Baghdadi might be happy.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s remark that Putin “might be happy” with Brexit was an improper attempt to put pressure on the UK public opinion, the Russian president said.

“I believe that this is nothing but a bad attempt to influence the public opinion in one’s own country,” Putin said. “But, as we have seen, it failed to achieve the expected effect. Still more so, after the voting nobody has the right to say anything about Russia’s position. This is nothing but evidence of a low level of political culture.”

The Russian leader went on to say that the result of the referendum reflects discontent of citizens relatively to the state of security and lack of desire to subsidize weaker economies.

Putin said that the referendum will have global consequences, but only time will show if they turn out to be positive or negative.

He went on to add that the UK vote will have no influence on the bloc’s policy of sanctions against Russia.

“As for the policy of sanctions, I don’t think that it [the referendum] will have any impact on our relations with the European Union in this respect,” Putin said, adding that Moscow will take positive steps if European colleagues are ready for a constructive dialogue.

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