This might be the Maximum Penalty in Russia

Perhaps, what we are just about to mention is the maximum penalty in Russia, for many reasons, the most significant of them is: it is related to betraying the country. What are we talking about?… Well, today, State Duma’s website mentioned that “an amendment proposed for the second reading of a package of anti-terror bills in the lower house of Russia’s parliament will strip Russians of their citizenship for their hire for work with foreign special services.” So, why is this happening at this time? and what does it really mean?


Russian News Agency TASS mentioned that “In particular, a provision will be introduced into the law on citizenship to the effect that Russian citizenship may be terminated as a result of exiting from it pursuant to the voluntary expression of a person’s will made in writing as per the established form and also “the voluntary expression of a person’s will made in the form of committing acts stipulated by this law.”

A person, in particular, will be deemed to have lost Russian citizenship “as a result of enrolling for military service, work with security bodies or law enforcement bodies, including in courts, of a foreign state from the day of enrollment for such service.”.



If we were to dig a bit deeper into this issue, and the reasons for the bill right now, we would find that:


  •  After the the siege imposed on Russia due to the US sanctions, Russia considered that any foreign party was working in an unclear way.


  • Before all this happened, Russia has asked people working with foreign parties, to delete their “Facebook” accounts.


  • Laws, foreign affairs experts tell “Russia-Now”, are targeted at military personnel and public sector employees. An expert also told us that “By putting such bills, Russia is fortifying the status in the country.


  • The previously mentioned bill, confirms that it is an indirect warning from Russia (If anyone was really open to foreign embassies for example, he/she would be prosecuted.


  • What is the bill also saying? It is as simple as: Laws Decide!


  • The Russian bill comes at a time when all the US is doing is trying to intervene in pure Russian matters, knowing that the US will “destroy whatever it can, wherever and whenever it was able to do so,” experts say.

Author: zeina

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