Americans and Europeans Are Divided Over Sanctions Against Russia

Almost half of Europeans that is to say 47 per cent believe that sanctions against Russia should be lifted in June 2016, according to a recent Sputnik Polls survey.

The poll found that 51 per cent of Italians, 48 per cent of Germans, and 43 per cent of French respondents said that they agreed with the lifting of sanctions according to the consultant firms Ifop and UK Populus.

In contrast, when asked about the same topic, only 29 per cent of Americans said that they would like to see sanctions against Russia lifted.

The poll was conducted by French opinion and marketing research company Ifop and UK polling agency Populus for Sputnik News Agency and Radio.

The poll also found that respondents in the United States were most likely to support extending sanctions.

When asked if sanctions against Russia should be lifted or extended in June 2016, 42 per cent of Americans said that they supported extending them.

However, only 31 per cent of respondents in Germany, 29 per cent in France, and 27 per cent in Italy agreed with extending sanctions.

The European Union’s economic sanctions against Russia were imposed in 2014. The EU is poised to make a final decision on extending the sanctions by the end of June 2016.

Analists said that since the sanctions are applied the European Union has had to pay 10 times more than the US.

Source: Agencia informativa latinoamerica


Author: Hassan Khazaal

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