German intelligence officer finds Ukrainian trace in Boris Nemtsov’s murder

German publicist and former BND intelligence officer Wilhelm Dietl said during the investigation into the assassination of Boris Nemtsov that the Security Bureau of Ukraine (SBU) could be involved in the crime.

Dietl presented the results of the investigation conducted by Ost-Objektiv group on June 14 in Berlin. According to him, the group consists of former senior officials of German and Austrian secret services. Employees of intelligence agencies of Norway, Denmark and Ukraine were also involved in the investigation.

The authors of the report believe that the SBU wanted to take advantage of the death of Boris Nemtsov – they wanted to cause unrest in Moscow. The “Chechen trace” was inducted into the case deliberately to distract attention.

The main role in the murder of the politician was played by his girlfriend, Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya.

The couple was walking in the center of Moscow that night, and Anna persuaded Boris to take a walk on Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge (Great Moscow River Bridge) near the Kremlin, where the politician was killed.

The authors of the report also said that the timing of the assassination had been thought through as well, as Boris Nemtsov was to lead a protest march in Moscow in a few days. The fact that neither Russia nor the West have benefited from the death of Nemtsov speaks in support of this theory, Dietl concluded.

Clearly, Ost-Objektiv’s version of the investigation into the death of Boris Nemtsov remains questionable.

Russia’s famous opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was shot dead in Moscow at night of February 28, 2015. He was shot four times at close range on Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge near the Kremlin. The killer escaped from the scene in a white vehicle.

According to the Russian Government, the murder of the famous Russian politician Boris Nemtsov was a provocative assassination. The alleged organizer of the assassination, Ruslan Mukhudinov, was put on international wanted list.


Author: Augaritte

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