Russia against politicizing human rights discussions — Lavrov

Russia is interested in spreading objective information about human rights in the country and remains firmly opposed to speculations and politicization of discussions on the subject, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a meeting with Russian foreign policy-oriented non-governmental organizations on Wednesday.

“We hope that the NGOs will continue to resist the politicization of these discussions (over human rights) and help put across an impartial picture of the human rights situation in Russia,” he said.

“We are self-critical,” Lavrov said. “Nobody is ideal. But we believe that impartiality must be the main watchword of the day, while attempts at speculations on the subject are not acceptable.”

He remarked that “in this context there is great demand for disseminating objective information about the election process in Russia ahead of the State Duma elections due in September.”

Source: tass

Author: Augaritte

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