Lebanon is not bankrupt .. Who is bankrupt?


Seventeen years ago, it was taboo to speak or even point to an economic crisis in Lebanon. The charge was ready against the “few” warning of the downward path, and the aggravation of religion! No matter who raised the voice is considered “against the reconstruction of the country and a leftist against evolution and wants the re-planning that ended with the communist regime!”


Suddenly, after the visit of the then World Bank President James Wolfensohn in February 2001, and speaking from the heart of Koreitem Palace that the boat was pierced, the official discourse, in particular the speech of the occupiers of the economy, suddenly turned into a sudden alarm and put the country’s slogan in crisis. The day has come to talk about the chances of correction, and its methods lag behind, but accused of defending the existing reality.


What is happening today reminds us of what happened then, suddenly the official discourse turned  towards the bankruptcy of the country, and it is said that the situation did not reach this point, and the potential for correction is still available, is the accused, not even the perpetrator! However, the correction is possible because the country has economic and financial capabilities and leverage. Only the availability of the decision and the option that is different from the expropriation of capabilities and the insistence on protecting the monopolies, even at the expense of who and what remains, will emerge.


17 years ago, the people of the regime, especially those who caused the economic disaster, took advantage of the intimidation to move forward and to involve the country more and unleash its project without any deterrent under the pretext of defending the interests of the people.

Today, amid the fiasco of bankruptcies, the people of bankruptcy are trying to finish off the country and complete the rest of their project by selling the country to the poorest people, all under the title of saving people and having no solution. This solution is the same as a quarter century ago and led Lebanon to this gendarmerie.


“If you feel no shame then do whatever you want” .. The owners of the project on the diversity of those who joined them are really inhabited by the bankruptcy of intellectual, moral, national, political, economic and not the economy of the country or its people. Although the risk of bankruptcy becomes a reality if they continue with their deadly choices; or have been allowed to use this intimidation to seize the opportunity of serious rescue by adopting the same options as before. The proposed Paris or Cedar conference paper is only a new form of old forms.


Two major developments indicate a new hope first the announcement of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the entry of Hezbollah according to the program he announced to the heart of the economic issue, and the second is the announcement of the President of the Republic on a different approach after the parliamentary elections for this file, amid the availability of two major factors facilitate the task in the event of the availability of the decision: gas and oil on the one hand and reconstruction Syria on the other hand, each has necessary conditions.

The country is not bankrupt and has the potential to unleash its economic potential and is available to remove the bankruptcy that governs its governors.

Author: Rayan M

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