The economic challenges of the presidential time

The state is at the bottom, in the various national standards, political, economic, administrative and social. Approach, ambition and speech, closer to utopian idealism and reform. How can the “realistic” on the one hand and the wide margins on the other hand, to reach the state of disconnection between the discourse of political forces and their actions in government, and what became of the need for Lebanon to survive?

The economic challenges of General Michel Aoun era, are large and dangerous, but an absolute minimum to start.

1-Review of the Constitution and the Basic Law governing the financial work, economic and administrative, and identify options, means the general budget that is absent for 12 years, and can definitely say that most vices records what I was going to occur in the presence of the budget law.

2-Review of the law against the violation of regulations on the books and the preparedness of the conditions and implementation modalities and at the end of which the individual, which is what happened unprecedented brazenly in the last period.

3. Determine the level of economic project or in sectors to serve the idea of a Lebanese market and the priorities of the national economy, not an open oasis.

4- public Revitalize and re-activate with the real potentials that exist and develop according to the needs and national interest services, not according to the interests of greedy politicians failed and predation, and there is the question on the recent rape of contracts that have exceeded one billion dollars in the last month.

5- New approach affects pensioners tax profit reservoirs in the country, not deposits of the real economy, already he and the employees or the lower and middle classes exhausted.

6. Adopt a chain of series and wages mimic first work of the administration of the Lebanese state, far from fraud and falsification of facts and figures and comparisons, particularly in the vacant position with the position of lethal and huge allocations. Very large task and a major risk facing the presidential era, and economic options are very few options and interest options infect classes and class distinctions. Among the approach and the reality of the President and the orientation of the fundamental forces in the country, I led for years and will share the head of the executive branch, so what are the possibilities? And how the penetration? One hundred days probably change the face of Lebanon and … waiting.

Author: rony

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