NATO Saber-Rattling: Trying to Secure More Funds or Help Hillary Win?

NATO has been increasingly assertive in Eastern Europe, the Baltics and the Black Sea region, although Russia has done nothing to warrant these activities. This should not come as a surprise since “saber-rattling when there is no need” has always been one of the bloc’s “key characteristics”, Canadian journalist John Bosnitch told Radio Sputnik.

Bosnitch, a former war reporter in Bosnia, Krajina, Kosovo and Serbia, was commenting on NATO’s decision to send four battle groups close to Russia’s borders and the alliance’s belligerent rhetoric with regard to Moscow. “There has been no provocation on the part of Russia whatsoever. And I don’t know whether this is because NATO is trying to help Hillary Clinton win the election in the United States or whether they are trying to get more money from the US Congress, the Canadian Parliament or from other governments, but this action makes no sense,” he said.

Critics have noted that the warmongering rhetoric coming from NATO command over so-called Russian threat coincides with lobbying for more military spending in member countries. This strategy is apparently working. Earlier this year, the Pentagon requested a massive increase in military spending for its operations in Europe – from $789 in 2016 to $3.4 billion for the next year. In addition, US defense officials have made a major push to convince their European partners to reach the goal of allocating 2 percent of GDP on defense.


Source: Sputnik

Author: zeina

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