Russian Baltic Fleet frigate arrives in Cuba on visit

The Russian Baltic Fleet’s Yaroslav Mudry frigate and Lena tanker have arrived in the Cuban port of Havana on a business visit, fleet spokesman Roman Martov said today.

“The Yaroslav Mudry frigate and the Lena tanker have arrived in Cuba on a business visit. In the capital of the Freedom Island, sailors of the Baltic Fleet will replenish water and food supplies, hold a planned check of the ships and get a rest after the trans-Atlantic passage,” Martov said.

In mid-October, the Yaroslav Mudry left the Mediterranean Sea where it was part of the Russian Navy’s permanent grouping. For several weeks, the ship was performing anti-piracy missions in the Indian Ocean, after which it crossed the Mediterranean into the Atlantic Ocean. The frigate has been on a distant voyage since June 1.



Source: TASS

Author: zeina

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