2018 .. Economically!

Will 2018 be the year of economic transformation? The current political and economic challenges are strong today for Lebanon to characterize the benefits of next year. At the same time, the conditions seem to be ripe for more than one level to meet these benefits and to make the required change. Between the economic deterioration and the many negative indicators and the mobile crises in various sectors and the maturity of the...

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The budget is approved… not approved?!

Finally, the government passed the budget review, and approved it, after its president got angry, then calmed down and the ministers returned to the cabinet meeting, allowing the white smoke to come out. Until the time of this writing, there is no official information on what actually happened, and according to the ministers, their interpretations were divergent and varied, and sometimes even contradictory in the understanding of what...

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Between .. responsibility and insolence

Exactly 21 years ago, the treasurer of the political class has announced a tax on gasoline to finance the series of wages and salaries supposed to have been associated with salary correction that day. The so-called “can” tax was sufficient to finance the promised series and to provide the treasury income needed that day. The tax was approved and became inherent with gasoline, even for years it was more expensive than...

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Crying for “Assafir”… or our for reality?

It is a normal incident if a newspaper in Lebanon closes, but a catastrophic event on the cultural, political, and national level. So, what would the case be like if it was about “Assafir” newspaper? It is not a company going bankrupt, with all due respect to the importance of every corporation, but for around fourty years, it has been related to the country’s identity, and has been “a voice for the...

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Direct dangers threatening reforms… and the era

Why are Lebanese political powers so eager on wasting both time and opportunities, at a time where severe crises need quick solutions? Many forces in the government agree that this government was made for elections. One of the politicians representing an “active” party says that “The government will not work for more than two months because elections will take place starting next February”. He reflects most of the active MP’s opinion,...

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