Lebanon | Banking sanctions between exaggeration and Fabrication!

Since mid-April, hardly any day is passing without news being published, and predictions announced, regarding the US law against Lebanese banks, which is known as the law against the financing of “Hezbollah”.
Such a huge and remarkable law (in terms of targeting) cannot but cause such repercussions at various levels, especially in the media. However, the real problem is that, even by taking into consideration the law itself, one does not find an explanation to the extent of the fabrications and information moving between opposing political parties.
Through following up on this file over the past months, I met or “clashed into” dear friends and foes, due to their emphasis that they obtain information about the nearness of the issuance of regulations/lists including hundreds of names (for both individuals and companies).
 If promoting such information by those who rejoice for the issuance of this law, was clear or explainable, then the enthusiasm of those who are completely against this law, but promoting the same information, is completely inexplicable, especially that they  keep reminding everyone of Israel’s role in the release of this law!
The problem is that anyone following up on this file, particularly in  the presence of legal firms and active lobbies, is fully aware that the issuance of the regulations/lists is possible at any time, but cannot be known, due to the secrecy associated with their declaration and implementation.
So the whole talk becomes that the storm is happening, and so is the sun shining after the storm, and all of this becomes part of the psychological war on our country, despite the great achievement of overcoming the implications of what happened in the first stage of the law’s issuance.
Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor, who is supposed to be the most knowledgeable of the regulations/lists’ issuance, mocks the talk on knowing about the timing and content. The last thing he was expecting, is that such information is attributed to him, or to those close to him.
Lebanon has went through an unprecedented catastrophe in this context, and it is not yet over, but the relationship between various relevant parties seems like a positive one, and could be labelled by “trust”. The first obstacle has ended peacefully, allowing a solid ground to be built, just in case new ones came on the way, but the most important thing to mention is that objectivity is the basis for this confrontation, and not fabrications and intimidation.

Author: zeina

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