Armenia travel agent: Russian airlines continue dictating market prices

The Armenia Airline’s entering the aviation market of the country is not enough to say that we have an Armenian airline.

Marine Kpryan, director of a travel agency in Armenia, noted the aforementioned at a press conference on Thursday (July 14).

She added that this is because the Russian airlines continue to dictate prices in the civil aviation market of Armenia.

“And after the closure of the [Upper] Lars checkpoint [at the Georgia-Russia border], the [plane] ticket prices went up,” recalled Kpryan.

Due to heavy rains on June 23, a section of the Lars motorway had collapsed. As a result, the said checkpoint was closed until July 6, whereupon it is now opened in the daytime, whereas closed in the evening.

After the closure of this checkpoint, the plane ticket prices have increased twofold.

Author: Hassan Khazaal

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