Cultivating Judicial Talents for SCO Extended Family

Author: Zhang Guangzheng, Ding Yunbao 

“Thanks to the careful arrangements of China National Institute for SCO International Exchange and Judicial Cooperation (Hereinafter referred to as CNISCO), I have come to know many friends, established academic cooperation with experts teaching us and deepened my understanding of Chinese laws and culture during the training period.I am extremely honored to have this chance to attend training workshops at such an excellent institute.” This is what recently sincerely proclaimed by Alexander Yuryevich from Russia at CNISCO at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law (Hereinafter referred to as SHUPL).

Setting up CNISCO is an important decision made from both international and domestic perspectives by the top Chinese leaders.On September 13th, 2013, while attending the Bishkek Summit, President Xi Jinping declared that China is going to establish China National Institution for SCO International Exchange and Judicial Cooperation (herein after CNISCO) at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law(herein after SHUPL) and would like to use this platform to cultivate judicial talents for other member states.

On May 20th, 2014, the foundation stone laying ceremony of CNISCO was successfully held, and CNISCO is expected to undergo full construction by 2017.CNISCO strives to build a state-level international judicial exchange and cooperation platform with a priority to training of judicial and law enforcement personnel, international cooperation and academic research, policy and legal consultation, cultivation of graduate students for SCO member states, observer states and dialogue partners, so as to serve national security and diplomatic strategy.

In the past three years, CNISCO undertook many training workshops for senior officials for SCO countries, with themes involving training of Security of Major Events, Decision-making and Administration of Police Affairs, Senior Legal Talent, Law Enforcement of Senior officials, etc. Each training workshop is carefully prepared and organized, each step is attached to with great importance, courses are carefully arranged, and international and national scholars with well-known reputation are invited as teachers, visiting sites and units are carefully selected, from Urumqi to Shanghai, from Beijing to Dunhuang, which allows students from different countries to have a comprehensive perception of real China.

CNISCO has undertaken many bilateral or multilateral exchanges and training of judicial and law enforcement personnel for SCO countries entrusted by the central ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Public Security of PRC, Ministry of Justice PRC,Ministry of Commerce of PRC etc., to enhance the mutual understanding and trust on justice and law enforcement cooperation for SCO countries, and to effectively promote the security and cooperation of the law enforcement in the construction of “the Belt and Road”.

Liu Xiaohong, President of SHUPL, has said that setting up of CNISCO to cultivate talents for SCO related countries helps to strengthen exchanges and mutual trust in economics, culture, law etc. between China and SCO countries, and helps to expand the international influence of SCO. She said, “We will fulfill the historical mission given by our country with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, and construct a promising CNISCO.”

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Author: Hassan Khazaal

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