Russian passenger causes 7-hour delay after insisting on leaving a plane because she suddenly wanted a divorce

A flight from Moscow’s Vnukovo airport was delayed at least seven hours earlier today because a passenger insisted on exiting the plane after boarding, having decided suddenly that she wanted to divorce her husband, according to eyewitness reports on social media.

After a long argument with the flight crew, the woman finally exited the plane. Afterwards, all other 525 passengers were removed, and subjected to a second security check.

“She left and they deplaned 525 people after her. Regulations say the plane had to be inspected again. This is the seventh hour of the delay,” a passenger onboard wrote on Instagram. “The airline Rossiya has decided to keep quiet [about the incident]. What a shame that this woman won’t be punished at all. Paramedics had to take away one elderly man, there were many crying children, and there were those who couldn’t take it and decided not to fly at all.”


Author: Augaritte

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