Russian diplomats harassed by US, not other way around

Russia has dismissed the Washington’s claims that its diplomats have been harassed by Russian security agents, saying it’s the Russian diplomats who are being pressured by the US.

Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, made the remarks on Tuesday (June 28) a day after the US State department said that Washington had complained bitterly to Moscow over the issue which was referred to as “a longstanding problem”.

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A Russian policeman stands in front of an entrance of the US embassy in Moscow in 2013

Washington is “constantly coming up with new restrictions against our diplomats, who constantly face provocations from the FBI and the CIA,” Zakharova said.

The Russian official said that “unacceptable measures” are being applied against them, including “psychological pressure in the presence of their families.”

“There even had been cases when such actions were carried out in the presence of pregnant wives of our diplomats,” she added.

‘Instead of receiving our signal, identifying the problem and creating conditions to improve our relations, they (the US) flip everything upside down” by releasing the publication, she added.

Source: Press TV

Author: Augaritte

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