Saudi Arabia allocated funds for causing confusion in Iran

Iran’s parliament speaker Ali Larijani said that Saudi Arabia has resorted to the creation crises in the region after its setbacks in Yemen.

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Ali Larijani

Larijani added that Washington does not oppose the dispute between Tehran and Riyadh, and wants to continue.

On the nuclear issue, Larijani said the West has weaknesses in the implementation of the nuclear deal and canceling of sanctions on his country, adding that the West despite the nuclear deal, wants to prevent Iran’s influence.

Larijani pointed to attempts by Iran’s enemies, (as he says), to intimation of insecurity in Iran.

He said that the Saudis have given money and a lot of possibilities to some of the “notorious cliques” in the east of the country in order to create confusion.
He said that the movement of terrorist group in the region is going to accommodate and growing in quantity and quality, and it is unlikely they will be processed through the existing mechanisms in the short term.

He said that “what we get from news of what is happening in the country’s east and west indicates that they are trying leaking terrorist elements into the country in order to generate noise in Iran and to intimation that Iran suffers from security problems.”

About the purpose of fabricating crises and promote terrorist movements said that “the important goal behind these actions is to destabilize the country’s sovereignty in the interior, and create conditions in which the central government does not have the necessary energizing.”


Author: Hassan Khazaal

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