Shop Sells More than 30,000 Riffles after Killing in Orlando, USA

The shop Hunter’s Warehouse, which sells arms online, sold more than 30,000 riffles AR-15, as the one used in the killing in Orlando, United States.

According to spokespeople for the shop, located in Bellevue, Pennsylvania, this type of riffle became popular amid buyers after the killing, in which an armed man killed 50 people and injured 53.

Tom Engle, owner of the shop, said that although the shooting do not encourage the sale of arms, the riffle AR-15 has been largely sold.

The riffle AR-15 has been used in various killings occurred in the United States.

On December 2nd, 2015 Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik killed 14 people and injured 22 during a Christmas Party of workers from the health department in San Bernardino, California, with this type of riffle.

On October 1st, 2015, Christopher Mercer Harper killed a teacher and 8 students in a classroom of the Community University of Umpqua, in Roseburg, Oregon with an AR-15 riffle.

Also on June 7th, 2013, John Zawahri killed five people and injured four with the same model of riffle in the Community University of Santa Monica, California.

Adam Lanza also used an AR-15 riffle to kill 20 children and six workers from the primary school Sandy Hook in Newton, Connecticut.

On July 20th, 2012, James Holmes killed 12 people and injured 70 with an AR-15 rifle at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Source: Prensa Latina


Author: Augaritte

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