Russia and China Send Assistance to Two Syrian Locations

Russia and China have sent humanitarian and technical assistance to the provinces of Damascus and Latakia in the form of food, medical staff and equipment for the health and agriculture sectors.

Representatives of the Coordination Center at the Russian base in Hemymin distributed, in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, 2.5 tons of food aid and other useful items in the town of Jededet Artuz, near Damascus.

They also offered medical care to the residents of the town, where thousands of people, displaced from other regions of the country, are located.

While in Tartus, in the Latakia province, China’s ambassador, Wang Kejina, promised to deliver seeds to the 1,100 farms in the region and also to deliver medical equipment for disabled people.

The Chinese ambassador said that assistaning in productive projects has a long-term benefit and helps ensuring a better future for people. He also expressed his appreciation and respect for those who received refugees from other provinces.

Source: Prensa Latina

Author: Augaritte

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