Taxi driver stops car, molests woman

A taxi driver has been accused of molesting a Russian woman, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

As, 32, who works at a restaurant, was getting into her building at around 4.30am when the taxi driver assaulted her twice before running away.

As the woman missed her company bus, she took a taxi to the staff accommodation at the International City’s Greece cluster.

After the driver dropped her, the woman walked towards her building. As she was opening the entrance door, someone from behind touched her inappropriately.

“I turned back and found a man behind me. I shouted at him and pushed him away. But surprisingly he repeated what he did,” testified the victim.

At that moment, the bus that drops her co-workers arrived and the staff began to come out.

The man ran away and one of the male colleagues ran after him.

“I saw him when he misbehaved with my co-worker. I ran after him before talking to her. He was looking behind to see if I can catch him. He was faster than me so I lost him,” testified RM, 20, Syrian.

He was wearing a taxi driver’s uniform but not of Dubai taxi companies.

“I could see his face, but as I lost him, I returned to my colleague,” he testified.

The victim called the police and reported the crime.

Police arrived in the scene and found a Sharjah taxi operating at about 25 meters away from the building.

After about seven minutes a man came from a distance without wearing a shirt but only under garment. He ran away as he saw the Syrian male colleague standing by the car.

He looked scared and was breathing heavily.

The male colleague and the victim recognised the driver as the molester.

Police arrested the accused and referred him to the court.

The court will give sentence on June 29.

Source: emirates 24/7

Author: Hassan Khazaal

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