Rigged Voting Machines: Will November Election Fraud Make Clinton President?

America’s political process is notoriously corrupt, electoral fraud rife at the federal, state and local levels. 

Democracy is pure fantasy. Monied interests control everything. Back room deals decide things. Has the winner of November’s run for the White House already been decided?

Clinton is the establishment favorite, Trump the outsider, reluctantly accepted at best by GOP power brokers after going all-out to undermine his campaign – media scoundrels largely in lockstep against him.

Dubious primary and caucus practices suggest what’s perhaps coming. Clinton stole Iowa by rigged coin-flips,Massachusetts, Nevada and Arizona by old-fashioned fraud – New York and California likely the same way.

Tactics include mass voter disenfranchisement. Around 18 million California residents were registered to vote last week.

Yet only six million votes were counted – the process tainted by widespread voter purges, rigged voting machines and involuntary party affiliation changes.

Sanders wasn’t included on the state’s mail-in ballot as a Democrat candidate. Clinton won California before the first vote was cast and counted. Will she beat Trump in November the same way?

Investigative journalist Greg Palast called California’s primary “grand theft,” voters “by the tens of thousands” disenfranchised.

The steal (was) baked into the way California handles No Party Preference (NPP) voters (independents).

In counties throughout the state, it’s hard or impossible for them to participate in the Democrat primary. In some areas, they get “ballot(s) without the presidential race.”

Nearly half of Californians vote by mail. According to Palast, “(m)ost NPP voters don’t realize that to vote in the Democratic (sic) primary…they must bring in their NPP ballot with the envelope and say…’I want to surrender my ballot in return for a Democratic (sic) crossover ballot.’ “

Otherwise you’re disenfranchised. Lots more shenanigans make things worse. On the one hand, Palast said no smoking-gun evidence links them to the Clinton campaign.

On the other, “the voting system is run mostly by the Democratic (sic) party which is totally in Hillary’s pocket.”

Is a money-controlled bipartisan conspiracy planned to anoint her president-elect in November? Will an unindicted racketeer, war criminal, Sino/Russian hating, anti-populist Wall Street tool succeed Obama?

Will unthinkable WW III follow, perhaps in her first year in office?

The extreme danger of a Clinton presidency should terrify everyone worldwide – an unstable neocon with her finger on the nuclear trigger.

Author: Stephen Lendman
Source: Global Research

Author: Augaritte

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