US, Saudi Arabia stoking terrorism in Iraq, Syria: Analyst

Press TV has interviewed Richard Becker, a member of the ANSWER Coalition in San Francisco, to discuss the remarks made by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, saying Iran will leave Iraq whenever Baghdad deems necessary, slamming Riyadh for accusing Tehran of stoking sectarian violence.


Press TV: Iran reaffirms that it is in Iraq fighting terror at Baghdad’s request, this after being accused of Saudi Arabia of stoking sectarian strife. Ironically, this has been a charge brought against Riyadh time and again, your thoughts.

Becker: Well I do not think aside from the United States that anyone has done more to “stoke terrorism” in Iraq and in Syria than Saudi Arabia has. If we look at the historical background, we see that going all the way back to Afghanistan in the 1980s, it was Saudi Arabia that played a critical role together with the US CIA in the war against the Afghan government and then that movement that overthrew that government eventually in 1992 gave birth to al-Qaeda as well and we could say that in many ways Saudi Arabia is the kind of the godfather of both the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. Again I do not leave up the US role but it is quite something to hear Saudi Arabia lecturing any other country in the world on stoking terrorism.

Press TV: I am glad you mentioned that. Has Saudi Arabia itself added to hostility among sectarian groups in the Middle East or has it worked to bring sustained peace to the Middle East?

Becker: Well clearly it has not worked to bring peace and we have Saudi Arabia and Turkey both playing major roles in the intervention and by forces like Daesh and the al-Nusra Front in Syria, Daesh and al-Qaeda in Iraq and there is no question that without the kind of the immense aid that has come, the military aid and the transit assistance that Turkey has provided, the military aid that both Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the United States and other countries have provided, high-tech weaponry to those seeking to overthrow the government in Syria and really perpetuating this kind of sectarian violence, they are not the only ones of course who are responsible but they have played a very major role.


Source: presstv



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