Palestine In Jordan’s Lap The Settlement Nobody Should Approve

                                                            New plan compromises Palestinian integrity


Author: Labib Kamhawi

 Quite clearly, the Jordanians and the Palestinians are now faced with the possibility of a real moral disaster. Playing the music of a settlement for the Palestinian cause on Jordanian strings could cause many to dance to this music whether they want it or not…

Many are wondering about the binding reasons for the latest constitutional amendments in Jordan and the law of partitioning Jordan [alongside the] territories and the reasons behind it. Many are also wondering if Jordan will be changing [areas’] names in the event of a re-engagement with the Palestinian Bank whereby which, the “West Bank” – which entails the historic sovereignty over the land – could be changed to the “West Territory,” which has no political meaning…“The hidden and public transformations in the few past years as well as the bloody events in the region and the continuous collapses of the Arab political regime indicate that the circumstances are now right to induce some measures that could lead to closing the file of the Palestinian cause instead of solving it.
The current developments in Jordan actually aim at facilitating some specific plans and settlements and opening the door to impose some kind of a settlement in Palestine in connection with Jordan… In this context, and as a way to facilitate the upcoming developments, the Palestinian Authority excelled in transforming the categorical Palestinian rejection of any settlement via the Jordanian channel into a relative approval. This is the result of the Palestinian Authority’s oppressive and corrupt behavior and its failure to come up with any solution as it voluntarily reject the option of the resistance and constantly subjected itself to the orders of the Israeli occupation. Thus, what the Palestinians rejected in the past is now acceptable for them since it might be better than their current situation….

The same Palestinian party that served to destroy the Jordanian-Palestinian under the pretext of liberating Palestine is now smashing the Palestinians’ will in the occupied lands to re-deliver them to Jordan only as citizens without a state, without an independence, without a Palestinian land and without a Palestinian cause… But do the Palestinians actually want a new authority with no control over the land or is this an Israeli-American demand? It seems that the main suggestion now that is accepted by the Israelis consists of giving Jordan the people and the security control over the Palestinians rather than the political control over the Palestinian land…

The current suggestion mainly consists of steps that will practically lead to revoking the Palestinian cause through measures that will lead to connecting the Palestinian citizens to Jordan all the while maintaining the Israeli control over the land. This is what the Israelis are aiming for as they want to colonize the land and get rid of the people. This is what Jordan and the Palestinian Authority will be doing under the approval and blessings of Israel.

If this plan is indeed implemented, this means that the Palestinians will become Jordanian citizens in addition to keeping their Palestinian nationality and that the people of Jerusalem could also become Jordanian citizens while keeping their Israeli nationality… This could be the reason behind the constitutional amendment allowing the Jordanian officials to be holders of other nationalities. The present development is important and dangerous because the general Arab, regional and international efforts aimed at settling the Palestinian cause by revoking it are nearing the finish line… The recent surprising Egyptian engagement in the settlement ring and the Saudi-Israeli flirting along with transferring the ownership of the Tiran and Sanafeer islands to Saudi Arabia this placing it in direct contact with Israel: All this indicates that the upcoming settlements will not be confined to the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Israel…

In the context of the settlements, Israel’s interests are at the very base and this will affect any solution… Currently, a process of collusion is taking place between the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas in person with Israel and Jordan in order to create the right atmosphere to adopt any upcoming settlement via Jordan exclusively. Thus, Jordan will become the successor of Mahmoud Abbas, his Palestinian Authority and his self-administration especially since Mahmoud Abbas is now at the end of his natural and failed political life… Honestly, Jordan is now conditioning its situation, laws, and constitution to pave the way for what’s to come. What’s to come pertains to absorbing Arab emigrants mainly Syrians in bracing to allow whoever is willing among them to become Jordanian citizens.



Author: Augaritte

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