Russia and China have nuclear weapons hypersonic unlike the United States

Russia carries out tests of a hypersonic weapon that could fit in the future the latest generation of aircraft and submarines. The United States are worried because they have no system of this class.

The information media that Russia carried out a successful test of a prototype hypersonic vehicle were quick to cause great concern among American experts says the online magazine Washington Free Beacon.

According to the magazine, this is the second test known in the US of a Russian hypersonic glider prototype designed to equip intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The hypersonic weapon mission to pierce the air defenses that are becoming more sophisticated.This weapon is able to quickly strike a target located in any point of the globe.

Russia attaches great importance to these systems, says the magazine, recalling the statement made in 2013 by the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin that one who possess weapons hypersonic “reverse the principles” of conduct of the war.
The United STATES and China are also working to create hypersonic vehicles. China has already completed six tests of its DF-ZF gear. As for the American hypersonic missile, it exploded in the air shortly after its launch in August 2014.

According to Russian media, Zircon hypersonic cruise missile will be commissioned early 2018. According to information from open sources, the fifth-generation strategic bomber PAK DA will also have hypersonic missiles.

Source: Fawkes News

Author: Rayan M

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