Russian nuclear missile “Satan 2” is capable of eradicating France in a split second

The government of Vladimir Putin prepare for test “Satan.” 2 This is a nuclear missile would be so powerful that it can destroy a country the size of France in a fraction of seconds.

This is simply the most powerful rocket ever designed, “Satan.” 2 As related by Direct Matin, no missile defense technology is not able to stop him. Its official name is “RS-28 Sarmat” and is also equipped with stealth technology to fool enemy radar systems.

The capacity for action of “Satan 2” is 10,000 kilometers away. It can hold up to twelve warheads.In other words: this nuclear missile could shave “Texas or France,” in seconds, according to information from Russian television. Russia wants to test “Satan 2” this summer, so he could enter service in 2020.

Author: Rayan M

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