Russian entry into the region … where is Lebanon?

Hassan Moukalled

Russia is here in the heart of the region, in Syria with its military, political and economic weight, that is based on treaties and agreements spanning 50 years.

Russia has signed agreements with Jordan for a free trade zone and agreements to become the largest wheat exporter to this country, which undoubtedly has US ties if not more.

Russia today is building nuclear reactors in Egypt and is associated with the Nile countries with military and economic treaties and agreements and even joint maneuvers.

Russia is also entering Iraq through economic agreements and infrastructure projects as well as military and weapons agreements

Where is Lebanon from all this ???


Lebanon rejects the gift of Kalashnikov ammunition provided by Russia at a time when the records of the agreements that need to be ratified included a variety of weapons and far more than that, and there is no need to remind the story of the famous ten planes or air defense or ..

Russia today plays a major role in the process of rebalancing the world or changing it in the fact that the person who doesn’t want to see the facts alone does not read the horizon of international changes and start the course of the retreat of the United States of America from the throne of control in the world.

Russia has a large military and political role in our region. A specific economic role is the main gate in the reconstruction of Syria and the main player in the oil field around us, especially the sea around us.

Russia is also turning to the alternative bridge in remittance issues with the depth of the steps taken recently, especially the subject of its conversion system, which has been joined to the date of about 500 large companies of the world.

Lebanon, which needs support and care for its economic reality, finds in the relationship with Russia the great potential and availability but no explanation or justification for this rejection and the lack of initiative to take advantage of the opportunity available in a time where more and more sanctions are being passed by the US.

The potential for joint cooperation is great in Lebanon or at the regional level, but the lesson remains in the decisions.

Author: Rayan M

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