A Russian who joined Islamic State in Syria has talked exclusively to RT about his life in the conflict zone, recalling how he was pressured to become a suicide bomber after losing his leg. “What I have seen in Syria, charitably speaking, does not fit with Islam. And it is nothing like what they say to entice you there. They deceive people,” former Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) fighter Yury Balakshin told RT. Balakshin was raised as an Orthodox Christian in the southwestern Russian city of Saratov. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father and pursue a career in the armed forces, but left a military university after less than two years. Balakshin then converted to Islam as he believed it would help cure the headaches which he had been suffering from for a long time, and which doctors had failed to help with .

When the war in Syria broke out, he “got interested” and began reading forums and watching videos online, trying to understand what was going on. He set off for Egypt, where he studied Islam and tried to gain more information on life in Syria.

It was there that he received the contact details of the man who recruited him to IS to fight in Syria.

“I was given a phone number of a person who could help me to get to Syria. He assured me that those who came could leave at any time and no one would be kept there,” Balakshin told RT.

Wanting to see the situation with his own eyes, and with assurances that Muslims lived peacefully in Syria, he left behind his wife and two children in Russia and headed for the Arab Republic.


source: https://www.rt.com/news/418791-isis-fighter-returned-russia/

Author: Rayan M

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