Between .. responsibility and insolence

Exactly 21 years ago, the treasurer of the political class has announced a tax on gasoline to finance the series of wages and salaries supposed to have been associated with salary correction that day. The so-called “can” tax was sufficient to finance the promised series and to provide the treasury income needed that day.

The tax was approved and became inherent with gasoline, even for years it was more expensive than gasoline itself, with no correction for 16 years.

From two years and more when the case almost came to an end, and the scenario of an ugly and dirty political solution was repeated but with greater banking pressure,

Today, the game is repeated without shame or fear of accountability.

In fact, the greatest insolence is that officials accept dishonest offers from control bodies worth more than $ 1 billion, and the greater insolence officials accept that Lebanon will lose 2,350 million Lebanese Lira from Customs to Where it only receives 713 million Lebanese Lira out of a total of 3150 million Lebanese Lira.

The greatest insolence that officials accept is that the loss reaches 2643 million Lebanese Lira  in the annual contributions of the State in associations, festivals and free schools, which is not at all the case. The great insolence is in calling the title of responsibility to this type of people.

Many measures are available and there are a number of decisions that can be taken, but what is needed is the will and the good management, However it seems that the conditions are not yet mature.

Author: Rayan M

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