Diplomat hopes Russia-US contradictions will not trigger new Cold War

Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin hopes the current contradictions between Moscow and Washington over a range of problems will not bring about a resumption of the Cold War. 

The ambassador said one should not over-dramatize the character of the Russian-US contradictions in the global context. Churkin stressed that both Russia and the US had managed to work together on the Syrian conflict for a long time and he hoped this cooperation could be restored.

He recalled that he was a diplomat at the Russian embassy in Washington in the 1980’s and said the real Cold War meant both countries spent huge resources to get prepared for a nuclear war with each other, while nothing of the kind was happening at present.

Russia’s main objective in Syria and Iraq is to throw terrorists out of both countries, Churkin said when a reporter asked him if Moscow was concerned by the plight of civilians in Aleppo and whether it was wielding influence on Damascus to improve their position.

“The main Russian goal is to drive the terrorists out of Syria and Iraq,” the ambassador said, stressing that outherwise quiet life is impossible there. He noted Russia was much alarmed by the civilians plight in Aleppo.

According to the ambassador, Russia has submitted to the UN Security Council’s consideration a draft resolution on the fight against the ideology of terrorism and extremism.

Earlier on Monday, the U.S. Department of State official spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau said Washington had informed Moscow on the suspension of bilateral communication channels that had been established to maintain truce in Syria. Ambassador Churkin believes, in the meantime, there is no alternative to contacts between Russia and the U.S. on Syria.

Source: TASS

Author: zeina

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