Lebanon repetition of political class… and governance

Hasan Moukalled حسن مقلد

Lebanese Officials from various political stripes compete to emphasize the need of Saad Hariri as the head of the Cabinet. They compete to provide the necessary services to achieve this supreme goal.

The debate here, is not whether he deserves it or not, especially that he is a leader of a Lebanese group, just as someone else leads another group, but the debate is that justifications are coming from various parties saying that he is going through a financial crisis, and that he is in need for this position in order to improve his circumstances!

There is full agreement on the need to help him, either to take advantage of him or to blackmail him, or for knowing his need for it… so the bazar becomes easier and the conditions become more flexible.

It is the logic of the “farm and cheese-eaters”, as if the country did not have a bad experience when the debt reached around 75 billion dollars, according to approximate figures, and not actual numbers.

During the past few months, there were several concession agreements regarding public facilities, or public services, which are more like huge scandals, that passed without registering any serious objection or veto from those who are able to put one.

All these concessions went to a specific party; that is an interface for who is staggering today, and his relative is in charge of the political file nowadays, along with negotiating on the countries’ affairs and the future of its republic. He is the one that has negotiated, and priced, starting from wastes to “mechanic” and other issues. The only breach that took place in a specific location happened in consensus.

Before the new shift and reaching the victorious goals, the concessions will be resolved, and there isn’t any obstacle facing the scandal; is this the expected model? Or are they just introductions?

Social and economic issues are much deeper than deals, especially since the expulsion waves from some empires are in full swing, and no one is interested in what is happening.

The system is being destroyed, and reaching the end… The economy needs a miracle, or a decision and willpower that does not have anything to do with interests and quotas, to revive again. There is a huge political crisis, and the institutions are in a deep sleep, while solutions’ pattern is similar to what brought the country to its present situation, and made it confined to the continuation of the mentality of war in it.

Author: zeina

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