China on the verge of bursting bitcoin bubble

China on the verge of bursting bitcoin bubble

China’s regulatory clampdown on cryptocurrencies is sparking a mass exodus of bitcoin miners from the country, which has the potential to radically alter both global bitcoin and energy markets. According to a document leaked online, China’s internet-finance regulator...

That Fingerprint Sensor on Your Phone Is Not as Safe as You Think

Fingerprint sensors have turned modern smartphones into miracles of convenience. A touch of a finger unlocks the phone — no password required. With services like Apple Pay or Android Pay, a fingerprint can buy a bag of groceries, a new laptop or even a $1 million...

Exercise at middle age can protect brain health later in life

Healthy aging of the brain relies on the health of your heart and blood vessels when you’re younger, a new study reports. People with risk factors for heart disease and stroke in middle age are more likely to have elevated levels of amyloid, a sticky protein...

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova celebrates her 30th birthday

Maria Sharapova is Russia’s most decorated tennis player having won a total of five Grand Slam tournaments, namely the Australian Open in 2008, the French Open in 2012 and 2014, Wimbledon in 2004 and the US Open in 2006. She is also a silver medal winner of the 2012...

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